Velké Pavlovice

Velke Pavlovice is one of the youngest towns in the Breclav region. The town, surrounded by agriculture landscape, lies in a fold by Trkmanka - about 20km northward of Breclav. Remains of grassy balks are set in neighbour hilly country with some thermophile plants. We may find them southeastward of Brno (approx. 40km) on the crossroad of roads Hustopece - Velke Pavlovice - Hodonin.

The nice town is notable for numerous verdure, monuments and wealthy cultural events. Folklore traditions revive every third Sunday of August at the day of Nanebevzeti Panny Marie. It is a day of garb’s feasts. The church of Nanebevzeti Panny Marie built in Baroque style is the dominating feature. By the Baroque church there is a cemetery in Novo renaissance style, documented already from 1594. Don’t miss the interesting cemetery gate, the rotunda from 1590 and a four corner chapel in the shape of rotunda.

The biggest historical building in town is the “Kontribucenska” granary. It was built between years 1770-80 and served as a granary for whole Velke Pavlovice domination.

Information centre - Hlavní 9, 691 06 Velké Pavlovice, tel./fax: +420-519 428 149, e-mail:

The town hall in Velké PavloviceThe town hall in Velké Pavlovice
The town hall
Velké Pavlovice - GranaryVelké Pavlovice - Granary
Velké Pavlovice - Cemetery gateVelké Pavlovice - Cemetery gate
Velké Pavlovice - Cemetery gate
Velké Pavlovice - Statues in front of the entrance to the churchVelké Pavlovice - Statues in front of the entrance to the church
Statues in front of the entrance to the church
Velké Pavlovice - Wine cellarsVelké Pavlovice - Wine cellars
Wine cellars
Velké Pavlovice - Stream TrkmankaVelké Pavlovice - Stream Trkmanka
Stream Trkmanka